Immediate loss of custody.

epic fail photos - Parenting Fail

Where to begin, really.  There are so so many things wrong with this image. To name a few:

1. For those of you who may be confused. The adult (I refuse to think of that person as a parent) is holding the child up to the lamp, not to help with the baby see anything but becuase it resembles a stripper pole.

2. The child is dressed in an hot pink bikini top and bikini bottom that FIT HER.  This was MADE for a child to wear.  (Perhaps it was made for a doll.  This is still disturbing.  Why would anyone want to dress a doll this way?  Certainly not a doll for a child.  Perhaps we should check with Roman Polanski to see if he has seen anything like this before. Or those people with the “real dolls”–life size, “life like” and anatomically correct female dolls for men who can’t score.  (A topic for another post at a later date.)

3. Fishnet stockings for a baby.  Fishnet stockings for a baby. Fishnet stockings for a baby. My hands had trouble typing those words. I was hoping that in writing it multiple times the ick-factor would dissipate.  It doesn’t.  It seems to get worse. Fishnet stockings for a baby.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

4. There were MANY steps involved in the taking/making of this picture.  Therefore, MANY points at which the parent, parents, people should have thought better of this or worried about the image of the sexualization of a baby. A. Buy the outfit/see the outfit and thinking for putting it on your baby. “Hilarious.” B. Putting it on the child.  “Great.  Isn’t it cute? Funny? She looks like a little stripper. Adorable. But there should be something more…something else we could use to put this over-the-top. But what?” C. Floorlamp. “OMG. Honey, it could be a baby-sized stripper pole. Our friends will think this is hysterical.” D.  Two adults were needed to take this picture. Neither one thought better of it.  “Honey, I’ll hold the baby.  You take the photo. Soooo funny.  Awwww, this reminds me of how we met.”

I’m sure more things will occur to me in time.  But I can’t take looking at the image anymore.

I guess the one saving grace is that the parents didn’t have an actual stripper pole in the house to use for this picture.  Thank God for small favors.

Fishnet stockings for a baby.

Thanks to for the image…I think.

Fishnet stockings for a baby.




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4 Responses to Immediate loss of custody.

  1. Susie W-T says:


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  3. Jill says:

    And I thought the parents who made their kids come up to the counter at the bakery for free samples were bad! That baby is totally saying “I quit this bitch.”

  4. Amy S says:

    The baby is looking at the open outlet thinking “hmmm, yes, there’s my way out. of course these fools didn’t put one of those plastic babyproofing caps on…”

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