God bless you, sir.

Willis Carrier c. 1915

This summer has been hotter and stickier than most.  As I sit at my desk writing, an air conditioner is humming away in my bedroom, cooling it down for bedtime.  Were it not for air conditioning, I would not be sleeping at all this summer.

With this in mind, I honor the above individual, Willis Carrier; who, in 1906, patented an invention that not only cooled air but de-humidified it. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.  Had I been alive in 1906, I would have followed this man around offering him my first-born. Since I cannot offer the man my progeny, crappy haikus must suffice.

Enveloping heat,

the wet air clings. Cold dry room,

sanctuary. Joy.


Air conditioning

The mere words relax the mind.

Step in. Party hats.


Willis, love is blind

but not resistant to heat

or humidity.


Your eyes draw me in.

I whisper your name in prayer,

Willis Carrier.

Thanks to Wikipedia


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