Did the world NOT read my July 26 Post??

epic fail photos - Summer Camp Activity FAIL


This trend is really disturbing.  If grown women want to throw themselves around a steel pole for “exercise” that’s their thing.  But offering classes to children is really beyond the pale.

Maybe the adult pictured in my July 26th post is just ahead of the curve and prepping her child for the for the ultra-competitive slots in the local children’s pole dancing classes at the Y.  But how will they explain the studio’s mirrored ceilings to the kids? And the gallons of body oil?

Am I missing something here? Am I being reactionary?  Would you send your child to such a class?

Maybe it’s an elaborate sting operation to corral parents and guardians who would sign their children up for this.  The Department of Social Services is just lying in wait…

Thanks, again Fail Blog.


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