Eye jewelry. Why not?

Contact Eye Jewels

“Excuse me, do you have the time? I’m sorry, did I startle you? Then why did you scream?  Don’t pick at that it’s jewelry. Hey, STOP BATTING AT MY FACE! What’s WRONG with you? No, it’s not attached to my lower eyelid, that would be weird, it’s attached to my contact lens. It’s eye jewelry, comes in a lot of designs and colors.  Please close your mouth, that’s rude. Anyway, do you have the time? I’m running behind for a job interview…”

Mb, people with lazy eyes would be drawn to this to distract from their wall-eye-edness.  Put the contact with the jewelry in the good eye and watch people’s reactions.  If you can tell which eye they’re looking at. Does that work both ways? Because, honestly, we can’t always tell if you’re looking at us or not.

Thanks, Gush Magazine.

Ok, people. Since I’m still in beta testing let me know if the last paragraph seems too cruel and might not be taken lightly. Hey, over here…oh, you were looking at me.


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2 Responses to Eye jewelry. Why not?

  1. Teralyn says:

    LOL That’s one of the most outrageous things I’ve ever seen! What in the world will they come up with next?

  2. JoAnne Wood says:

    Haha, too funny! My sister and I were both born with lazy eyes and had to wear glasses growing up, I even had to wear a patch over my glasses at one point to help correct it. I still find this funny though! But eye jewelry?! That’s just gross!!

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