Desk Shui: The Search for (easy) Answers

I can be lazy. Really, really lazy.  Ask my friends.  I was watching T.V. once and hated the show that was on. I wanted to change the channel but the remote was in the other room. I decided that I should really take a nap but my bed was also in another room–a bed-room. Solution? Roll over and take nap, leave T.V. on.  A new show will come on eventually. Happy nap time. My philosophy, close your eyes and the solutions just fall into place. Sadly, in my 30+ years on this earth, this strategy doesn’t always work out well for me. I guess I need to change something, a little.

There is always some aspect of my life I want to change, in fact it would be helpful if I did change some things.  I’ll put some work in at first but when I don’t see instant results I throw in the towel; (or just drop the towel because throwing would require effort and I might pull a muscle) therefore, lethargy triumphs over desire.

In perusing my shelves, the other day, for books to sell on Amazon (So I can earn extra money without having to find and work at a second job. Why? See first line of my post.) I came across a the book Make This Your Lucky Day: Fun and Easy Feng Shui Secrets to Success, Romance, Health and Harmony by Ellen Whitehurst. I immediately saw why I bought this book in the first place.  The words that jump out at me are “Lucky” “Fun” and the most important word “Easy.”

I have looked at other Feng Shui books before, most of them have you make adjustments to your whole house or living space.  Since I have been living in shared apartments for years, I don’t see this as a viable option. Too much space, usually awkward space, and I don’t want to have to explain to my roommate why she has to have a running water fountain in her bed room.  “Listen, Nancy. It’s not my fault that you live in the Wealth and Prosperity section of this apartment. Mama wants to get rid of her grad school loans…and stop letting the dog drink out of the fountain.”

Other books have focused on a smaller area, just using your bedroom to map out the 9 sections of your Bagua (or whatever) and decorating those with the appropriate colors and items.  I have done so, half heartedly and I have just discovered, incorrectly.  “Red goes in the Fame section, not the Love section, moron.” “Good Lord. Green goes in Home and Family. The Wealth and Fortune color is PURPLE .” (I imagine the previous books rolling their perfectly Chi-ed eyes at me.) I like the idea of mapping out my bedroom, but that would require me to really evaluate and look at that space.  As, of the 12 month mark of living here, I still have curtains to hang and decorations to put up.  This is not gonna happen.

While, flipping through Ms. Whitehurst’s book something popped off the pages at me. “You can even employ this method of superimposing this Bagua over the top of your desk…” (Whitehurst xxv) DING DING DING.  We have a winner.  I am at my desk most of the time, when not sleeping, and it is a small space.  This, I can do.

Lest you think this will be too easy a task for me, this is my starting point…

So, I shall start with cleaning off my desk and picking a corner to focus on.  I will keep you updated with pics and stories of my new fortune.  I think I’ll start with the Love and Romance section of my desk.  Why?  I want to get “Lucky”  because it is “Fun.” And, I’m “Easy.”


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One Response to Desk Shui: The Search for (easy) Answers

  1. Miss Virginia says:

    I am going to write a novel called Lethargy Triumps Desire

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