Why the #(*&@*! Are You Famous?!?

Welcome friends.  I have avoided this topic for long enough…

I vowed when I started Sassy Librarian that I would not talk about celebrities and Hollywood here.  Why? 1. There are plenty of websites and blogs that write this type of information and do it better than I would (See Imaginary Men by my friend Amy.) Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t feel I’m above this gossipy crap; I read this stuff daily and have since college (in fact, when Amy and I lived together, oh these many years ago, we were sure to be home by 7 PM week nights so we could watch “The News” together.  “The News” being Entertainment Tonight, of course.) 2. For people who shouldn’t be famous, I didn’t want to waste any more type on these people than necessary. I’m not exactly on the pulse of all that is celebrated in sports, politics or entertainment; if I know about them, there is already too much information floating around. 3. I usually don’t hate these people because I rarely care about them.  However, I’m starting to hate these people, the famous for no discernible reason. More pointedly, I hate the people who are making them famous–they are the real bastards and should be taken to task. 4. I am trying to be a more positive person and fill my life with good vibes and desk shui.  However, I should also embrace the caustic bitch in me to appreciate the new, more goodly portions.  You can’t really appreciate the light unless you’ve experienced true darkness.

Why start now?

The Situation's Ab Cake

(Link: Buzzfeed)

The man pictured above, The Situation from MTV’s Jersey Shore, is going to make $5 million dollars this year.  Yeah, that guy.  That’s right, no typo here.  Five. Million. Dollars. US currency.  Not 5 dollars and swift, repeated, applications of a 2×4 to the skull, but 5 million.  Really. No, really.   This was the straw that broke that broke the camel’s back. Ug.  More later.  I have to take a walk around the block…


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2 Responses to Why the #(*&@*! Are You Famous?!?

  1. imaginarymen says:

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    Yeah, this reality TV “celebrity” BS needs to STOP. NOW. I want my celebrities to be famous for something, even if they aren’t good at whatever it is (acting, singing) at least they do SOMETHING other than fake their “real life” for cameras.

    We can’t even blame George Clooney and his “no talking to entertainment outlets” campaign like we did back in the day when watching “The News”.

  2. Jill says:

    I told my friend that he signed a six figure book deal and she was like “Well he has to have someone help him write it obviously because he doesn’t know how to write”. I’m not sure he knows how to read either. And I’ll start making cakes that look like REAL people, with belly pooches haha!!

    I read some rumor that he was charging people $100 to take a pic with him. Seriously I need extra cash so I’m gonna start asking people that too. Sorry Mom, I know you gave birth to me but, if you want to pose with me, pay up.

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