Best Plate EVER!

I know that Salt Lake City, Utah is full of Mormons.  (Isn’t the symbol of the city a hive, like the LDS?) The following item was created as a souvenir from the city. Remember the word “souvenir” from the French translates to “to remember.” Though marked as a marketing “fail” by, I think these Mormons knew exactly what they were doing when they created this plate.  Anyway, this little beauty was/is for sale to commemorate one’s trip to that fine city.

I would like a dozen.

epic fail photos - Marketing FAIL?

In fact, I may book a flight there to go and pick up those plates.  I might be able to order it online but that would be cheating, somehow.  You have to earn the SL,UT plate through hard work, perseverance and standing next to a Mormon.  And like any good SL,UT, it will be remembered, fondly.

UPDATE: 9/7/10

Some astute observers noticed that this item is NOT, in fact, a plate but an ashtray.  This is even better.  Stub your butt out on a SL,UT…


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5 Responses to Best Plate EVER!

  1. JoAnne Wood says:

    Dude, that’s not a plate, it’s an ashtray! That’s somehow even sweeeeeeter!!! Maybe they have a matching SL,UT flask?!

  2. Steen says:

    Isn’t that actually an ashtray, which would make it even better/more ironic?

  3. imaginarymen says:

    Any Mormon in particular you’d like to be standing next to when you get your plate?


  4. Jill says:

    I bought my sister a shirt with this on it! And it’s pink too, cuz you gotta be a girly SL,UT. I’m going back to Utah next year so I’ll totally hook you and Amy up!

  5. Scix says:

    I live in SLC — the capitol is largely non-Mormon, oddly enough, and a lot of us non-Mormons like to poke fun. Yes, I think there are flasks, coffee mugs, t-shirts and bumper stickers.

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