Do the English *Really* Think They’re Superior? We’ve Got Their Number–And It’s 100,000.

You live in an RV (recreational vehicle) and have had for years.  Your 16-year-old daughter announces that she is getting married to her boyfriend of 3 years. Do you: Scream at her? Call the boy’s parents to talk this out? Talk her out of it?  Forbid her? Make her wait at *least* another 2-3 years before committing to getting married? Drive your home as far from the suitor as possible? (Remember, this is a viable option–you live in an RV.)

And here’s what one set of English parents did…

Closer Magazine. Missey Quinn is just 16 and lives in a caravan, but her flashy wedding could have put many celebs bashes to shame.

The father of this 16-year-old bride spent 100,000 pounds sterling for his little girl’s wedding (100,000 Pounds UK = $158,000 US.) Daddy had saved up for this special day and no expense was spared.  For example, the above wedding gown cost about 16,000 pounds, alone. (I know what you’re thinking but, no. I’ve posted the correct picture; that is the dress. Yes, that dress.  Yes, THAT dress.) Look at the dress again and say to yourself “16,000 pounds, 16,000 pounds” this sum would be horrific were it in US dollars. Mexican Pesos for that matter.

Now let us think of something else this 100,000 pounds may have bought this family…Hmmm… Hey, I know, how about a sizable down payment on a house BECAUSE YOU LIVE IN A FUCKING RV?!?!??

Ok. Ok. You’ve decided to spend this small fortune for your kid’s wedding. Fine. Couldn’t you throw in a few quid for a personal trainer for the her.  A young bride’s gut shouldn’t look like that…

Here’s the bride and groom with the bride’s parents

Missy Quinn and huband Thomas Moghon, mum Theresa and dad Simon

All kinds of awesome here.  Don’t her parents look young?  They are, Mom is 32 and Dad is 35. There is a better than outside chance that they’ll be grandparents within 2 years. Good times.

Some Haiku to end this:

“Haiku for a 16-year-old Getting Married”

One hundred thousand

Pounds.  The cost of a Dad’s love.

Next time try condoms.

“The Dress”

“Swarovski” crystals?

Not the Bedazzler’s rhinestones

as seen on T.V?

“Preventative Measures”

“Marry me,” he asked

She said, “Yes.”  I say

“Sterilize them now.”

Full article courtesy The Daily Mail.


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7 Responses to Do the English *Really* Think They’re Superior? We’ve Got Their Number–And It’s 100,000.

  1. Laura GF says:

    I adore your haikus. They are like the twinkling sparkles in the Swarovski crystals of your blog posts.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Um, she hasn’t been in a classroom since she was 9 years old???!! Chavtastic!

  3. Rachel says:

    At least maybe they made some money back by selling their story to the Daily Mail… The haikus are wonderful!

  4. imaginarymen says:

    Classy. Emphasis on the Assy ;-0

  5. Linda says:

    I can’t comment because I am laughing too hard!!!!! Your blog, Sarah, is ALMOST as good as having you here…ALMOST!!

  6. Jill says:

    Wow, so there goes me getting married. Girl totally stole my dress. Whatever, my muffin top would look A LOT cuter in it anyway!

    Awesome post Sarah-keep these gems coming!

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