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When You Refer to Your Work “Art,” It Doesn’t Make It So…

I am not professional art critic and did not take Art History in college–which I regret to this day. I have no discernible skills in creating visual art (though, I’ve been known to perform impromptu interpretive-dance “pieces” and channel Ethel Merman.) To … Continue reading

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Are You There God? It’s Me, The Sassy Librarian.

As you know, God, I have always had, what some call, an “irrational” fear of sock monkeys.  In my defense, just look at one… Image via Etsy. This evil creature has wee, beady eyes that are too close together, staring … Continue reading

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Quotation Marks, Apostrophes and an Exclamation Mark, Oh My!

Ok Kids, It’s time to count the number of things wrong with this sign. And this makes me a sad librarian. I guess I should be happy that they wrote “accept” and not “except.” Thank you

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We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby?

So for decades some women have been railing against being objectified and/or only seen as a collection desirable or undesirable parts.  Thus, this would be considered offensive.  A woman merely a lap for a man to place his weary head?!?? … Continue reading

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

In the days before television, entertainment sometimes included the exploitation of people who suffered from various physical and mental afflictions.  Traveling circuses and tawdry theaters often had freak shows and geeks who performed for the paying masses. The freaks were … Continue reading

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