Tea-party Children’s Book?

“Honey, time for your bedtime story…

epic fail photos - Book Cover FAIL

“God watches over us, ALL of us, ALL the time, no matter WHAT it is you’re doing or what time it is–God doesn’t own a wristwatch since God invented TIME ITSELF. Actually, time means nothing to Him; God has all the time in the world. He’ll wait…for you. Hide under the covers? Not so fast, God looks there; he knows what your thinking and what you’re going to do before you do it. Fall asleep?  God’s there too, he creates your dreams. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. God watches over us ALL! Mwa ha, mwa ha ha, MWA HA HA HA!!!

“The End

“Nighty-night, pumpkin.  Sweet dreams.

“I forgot, just so you know, God is Christian, none of that Yahweh or Allah crap, they teach you about in school, ok? Remember, God/Jesus is watching over us. Good night.”

Thanks Failblog.org


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2 Responses to Tea-party Children’s Book?

  1. imaginarymen says:

    Wow. “God is watching you. You SHOULD be scared” ;-0

  2. Karl O says:

    Santa Claus for adults…

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