Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

When I read the article about Jennifer Riojas, a science teacher who’s been arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of her students, I was concerned and disgusted–here was yet ANOTHER example of a teacher abusing her position as a trusted professional.  There is, however, one thing in this article that made me laugh out loud.

First, there are two cardinal rules that go along with being a teacher: 1. Save money for the district. We teachers are always told to keep an eye on the bottom line, make cuts to budgets when necessary, do more with less, use whatever means necessary to save a dime. I would not be surprised if, soon, people applying for new teaching positions were required to submit sample budgets including ways to cut that budget by 20% 2. The most important rule–do not enter into a sexual relationship any student–it’s a disgusting breach of trust and, in most cases due to the age of the child, illegal.

Riojas, a few months after getting her teaching position, began sleeping with one of her male students.

“‘The victim, now 17 years old, stated that defendant drove the victim to different hotels … at which time the victim and defendant engaged in sexual intercourse,’ the document continued.”

It was even noted, in the article from, that she had had sex with this kid in his hospital bed while he was hospitalized. WTF? If you are knowingly breaking laws, wouldn’t you want to be, I don’t know, discrete? Secretive? If you are a pedophile wouldn’t you want to conduct yourself in a way so you are NOT noticed? NOT remembered? So you DON’T stand out?

Ms. Riojas may have gotten away with this relationship for a while.  However, she made a huge mistake.  She tipped her hand and drew attention to herself because one of her teaching instincts kicked in…

“A hotel clerk in nearby Hurst, Texas confirmed to investigators that Riojas rented a room on Dec. 10, 2009 — with a coupon –and again on Jan. 28, 2010.”

The woman clipped a coupon.

A coupon was used to garner a hotel room, at a cheaper rate, in order to have illegal sexual relations with a minor. It’s the fact that she used a coupon that made her stand out in the clerk’s mind. Awesome.

So, in the midst of this crime against a 17-year-old, teachers’ cardinal rule one kicked in, sort of. Riojas was trying to saving money and it did have to do with a student she was teaching.  2 points for her. But this was for personal gain, she wasn’t saving the district a dime, and she was slaughtering rule number two  -389,720,982,347 points against her.

Have fun in prison Riojas.

The kicker? She’s pregnant with the boy’s child.

ABC News


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2 Responses to Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

  1. Karl O says:

    It may be gratuitous to point this out, but at least school districts don’t cover it up like certain other institutions I could mention…

  2. imaginarymen says:

    Wait is she pregnant by the student??? Bc – EWWW

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