Wal-Mart Wednesday–Stay Hydrated.

Madam, it seems as though you aren’t drinking enough water and you might need to go to the bathroom…How can I tell?


The urine in your drainage bag is a little more yellow that it should be and is beyond the half way mark for that bag.


Ok, yes.  You have a medical condition that forces you to use a catheter and that SUCKS. I’m sorry. I really am. I can imagine how hard that would be to live with. However, there are a LOT of people out there with horrific medical conditions; yet, I have no idea who these people are.  Why? Because they don’t strap the results of such conditions to their legs then wear shorts.

Lady, I’m sure it was a hot summer day in Pennsylvania. But too hot for loose pants?

Maybe while waiting for your deli order you can run to aisle 7 and pick up these…

Norma Kamali - Women's Cargo Pants

You aren’t overweight, but maybe “woman’s” pants will be loose enough to hide the bag (the camo-print can’t hurt) and keep cool.

Also, you live in Pennsylvania not Ecuador. How hot can it be there? Wally-World does have air-conditioning.  They probably even sell air conditioners, if you don’t own one.

5,000 BTU Frigidaire Energy Star Window Air Conditioner with Remote

5,000 BTU Frigidaire Energy Star Window Air Conditioner with Remote

They DO!  Aisle 12

People of Wal-Mart and, of course, the store itself.


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