Be-Lated Wal~Mart Wednesday

Dear Madam,



How do you walk? How do you drive? Are you going for a world record? Did you lose a bet? Are you trying to distract people from something horrible going on with you from the waist up?

Um, you seem to be in the music section.  Music leads to dancing. Unless you live in the town from the movie “Footloose,” you need to get out of that area or risk the rhythm moving you to the point where you pitch forward and rip every nail off every toe.

Please shuffle SLOWLY and CAREFULLY to aisle 4.

Deluxe Nail Clipper w/Rotating Buffer
Deluxe Nail Clipper w/Rotating Buffer 

5 out of 5 Stars

It’s 5 star rated!

Hmm, your nails look like they’re pretty hard to chew though.  You start with the clippers while I run over to the Lawn and Garden Center.

Jackson Professional Tools Pruning Solutions Bypass Loppers - pruning solutions wood handle bypass lopper comf
Jackson Professional Tools Pruning Solutions Bypass Loppers

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2 Responses to Be-Lated Wal~Mart Wednesday

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  2. Glad she’s not in my aquasize class… Obviously she must stay indoors all winter, or maybe she doesn’t live where snow falls (no way she can wear snow boots.) How does she clean the things? Must smell really awful…

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