I saw a picture the other day that reminded me of shopping trips to the Mall when I was a teenager.

If you were to walk into any mall in Maine in the mid 80s-early 90s it would not be unusual to see some kid or teen wearing the shirt on the left. Maybe one or two of those kids did end up going to Harvard, who knows? More often than not, however, the shirt would be worn by a mouth-breathing, misshapen kid who would stop and stare at anything shiny. Dangling shiny items would garner the most attention. Sometimes you would see these children clustered around a mid-mall cart loaded with shiny, dangling things. The kids would be completely transfixed, unblinkingly wiping their perpetually running noses on the collars of their “Harvard” shirts. No matter how hard a parent wished otherwise, the label would never match the contents.

What picture reminded me of this?

Tee-shirt pic from

Mug shot from


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2 Responses to Veritas

  1. Katrina says:

    He has to be a genius… the forehead says so…

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