Wal~Mart Wednesday: Who’s Watching Grandma?

Warning: Keep this bag away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. The thin film may cling to nose and mouth and prevent breathing. This bag is not a toy.

One can find the above warning label on all sorts of commercial plastic bags, dry-cleaning bags, and the wrapping around some large, packaged items.  Whenever I read this warning I would laugh and wonder who would be dumb enough to put plastic film anywhere near the face of someone s/he didn’t wish to suffocate.  Also,”What kind of moron would think that a plastic bag would make a great toy for a kid??  No one is THAT stupid.” I would scoff.


Huh. Maybe the warning label is necessary.

I believe the people who wrote the warning label may have left out a key demographic. They should add a line about keeping it away from “YOUR OWN” nose and mouth.

People of Wal~Mart, you never cease to amaze me.


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