Give Me A Job For F%#$ Sake: Take 3

So, I didn’t get my sh#$& together in March to send a cover letter. I was going to do a “March Madness” theme cover letter with brackets, but it became a little too complicated. So I ditched the idea.  I knew I was going to do an “April is Poetry Month” theme cover letter for April so I just went with that.  Below is the result. (FYI, I actually did send this on April Fools’ Day and I didn’t put break indicators between each poem. I used it here because of formatting issues.)

For those of you who’ve no idea what I’m writing about, here are the first and second posts I did about asking for a job.

Any ideas and suggestions for May’s theme would be welcome.

Cover Letter #3

Sassy Librarian

7 Mxxxxxx Road

Axxxxxxxx, XX 55555

Cell:  555 555-5555

Xxxxx Xxxxxxx


April 1, 2011

Dear Mr. X,

In soul searching, I’ve

decided to give up my

job quest. APRIL FOOLS!!!


April, U.S. month

of poetry. Thus, haiku

theme cover letter.


Correspondence, still

behind? You need someone to

help out. Who to trust?


Things I do well. Write,

speak, answer e-mail, research,

shush people. Job perk?


A job with you would

be hard work, or course. I am

ready for that task.


Tempted to hire me?

Right choice becoming clear now.

You must not resist.


Am I serious?

Yes, but chances are slim that

you’ll have read this far.


It’s still early, don’t

fear that I’ve closed the door on

you. I’ll take the call.


Thank you for reading

this. If you have. If not, your

big toe needs stubbing.


Sincerely, Sassy

Librarian, the summer

job person to hire.


About The Sassy Librarian

Librarian. Writer. Curmudgeon.
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One Response to Give Me A Job For F%#$ Sake: Take 3

  1. imaginarymen says:

    This is brilliant!! Jxxxx Bxxxxxx is a dope if he doesn’t hire you!!

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