So, I got my undergraduate degree at a prestigious (snooty?) private college in New England–like every other person in the country. At that time, the cost for 4 years of big brain learnin’ was around $100,000. A lot of money for a Bachelor of Arts. Or, as my diploma reads, “Artium Baccalaureus.” That’s right, the text on my diploma is in “the Latin.” ‘Cause, that’s how we roll…

Anyway, reading that exact number in a news article recently, made this number and its* relation to education spring to mind.

Jersey Shore Cast to Earn $100K Per Episode

by James Hibberd

The good news for the Jersey Shore cast: They’re getting a huge raise. The other good news: They get to spend it shooting next season in Italy.

And the bad news is … actually, for the Shorecast, there is no bad news. Didn’t you read the above? The cast is being paid a massive amount of money to get drunk and screw around in Italy. For the Shore stars, there is no downside.

As has been reported, the eight-member cast has just finished their salary negotiations. Multiple sources close to the matter tell EW the deal has members of the “core group” now pulling down at least $100,000 per episode, especially once you factor in their bonus structure. Each season is usually 13 episodes. (MTV had no comment.)

That’s a quantum leap for a group that once made headlines by haggling a raise to $10k per episode for season 2. And, of course, the per-episode salary from MTV is only part of the group’s income, with appearances and product endorsements tacking on additional large sums. (One tally puts The Situation’s annual income at $5 million.)

Regardless of what you might think of Snooki, Sitch and Co., they’re not pulling a robbery — on the balance sheet, they’re worth the money. Jersey Shore is like the American Idol of basic cable, delivering huge adult demo numbers that are higher than many, if not most, broadcast shows. The season in Italy, which starts shooting in May and already has the locals lining up to criticize the show, could bring the series to a whole new level.


1. This information forces me to question my faith in humanity, again.

2. I’d like to go to Italy. You wouldn’t even need to pay me $100,000. Just pick up airfare and lodging–I’ll take care of the rest. BONUS: I will not mortify the locals and my behavior would positively reflect upon my home country. U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

3. Again, talentless people are being paid entertain us with their moronic antics. Are we still doing this? Really?

4. Why the f@&# did I go to college?


*Thank you, Dr. Estow, for the typo correction!!!


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One Response to Things That Make You Go AIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHH!

  1. imaginarymen says:

    My new theory is that the worse the world situation gets, the more fucked up this country becomes – the more awful our “entertainment” gets: Charlie Sheen, auto-tuned tweens, Kardashians, these assholes – it’s like the bigger the slug you are – the more money you can make.

    Why DID we go to college????

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