Pop Quiz!

What do these photos represent?

A. The hollowness of childhood’s promises upon maturation.

B.  The gauze of civilization placed upon man hides all yet obscures nothing.

C. A pretentious douche.

These photos…the clothing I have no problem with, wear what you want. However, why would one think that a baby-doll torso would make a good mask/objet d’art?

Dear “artists,”

Enough with the “this is art, so I shall challenge the plebes with a provocative pose while holding familiar yet altered items. YOU figure it out.”

Should art make you think and inspire you? Yes.  But again, be very careful with how you guide the observer/listener to the idea with which you want them to come away.  In the hands of a skilled artist this process can be nuanced, mindful and create powerful experience for the audience. Or you can end up with the above photos.


The Sassy Librarian

Were he holding a sock monkey and not a Teddy Bear I would swear off the inter-web for life.

Thank you DListed.com for the images.


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Librarian. Writer. Curmudgeon.
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One Response to Pop Quiz!

  1. imaginarymen says:

    I think his skirt? culottes? Granny panties? that he’s wearing are just as creepy a the baby doll mask, TBH

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