Coke v. Pepsi: Coke IS IT!

This really should be presented as a triptych. Sadly, there is only one picture associated with this splendid display of moronitude. I’ll just have to describe my “vision” for the last two panels.

The first panel…

epic fail photos - Floating Device FAIL

The second panel…

—–The man in the water over his head, bottles clustered together blocking his face from our view, his body submerged except for his right shoulder at an angle over his head, his right arm hyper-extended, his hand in a clawing position.

And finally, the third panel…

—–A Seagull standing at the edge of the water with the string of Coke bottles hanging from it’s beak.

For the love, people. Someone who is dumb enough to think that a bunch of Coke bottles tied around his waist would keep him afloat, probably wondered, while drowning, if he should have used Pepsi bottles instead.

Thank you Fail


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