Wal~Mart Wednesday: Squeal Like a Pig.

You’ve seen the movie Deliverance, right? Some businessmen from the city go on a canoe trip in rural Georgia. They head into the backwoods and stop at, what passes for, a gas station to try to find some locals to guide them through the area. One of the characters notices a boy sitting on a porch with a banjo. This child is very odd looking, to say the least. (I can’t remember if it’s implied or if the main characters openly speculate whether the majority of the people in this area are the products of incest.) Anyway, this kid is odd. One of the  businessmen notices the banjo and ends up playing “Dueling Banjos” with the kid.  You know who I mean.  This kid…

(pic from doodiepants.com)

This scene sets up the tension between the outsiders and the locals and it just goes downhill from this point.  Then there’s the infamous rape scene in the woods.

Anyway, the boy they hired to act in the scene, Billy Redden, was a local boy they found at a casting call. I sometimes wonder what happens to people like Billy who become pop-culture icons then disappear. What is that person up to these days? I would also wonder what would have happened to that character were he expelled from the backwoods of Georgia and forced to fend for himself.

Well guess, what…Billy has been found! Can you guess what he’s doing these days? Can you?? Come on, try…

Thank you, People of Wal~Mart.


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One Response to Wal~Mart Wednesday: Squeal Like a Pig.

  1. imaginarymen says:

    He looks like Robin Williams! And there are people who know “Deliverance” well enough to recognize this guy when they’re shopping in Wal-Mart??

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