Wal~Mart Wednesday: The Advice Column

Dear Penny-Pinching-Polly,

I’ve read your column for years and have used many of the helpful tips for saving money that you and your readers have shared. I just wanted to return the favor and add one of my own penny-pinching ideas.

I’ve always wanted to have long, luxurious locks that tumble over my shoulders and down my back.  Since my thin, brittle hair would look awful long, I have been considering getting hair extensions. But extensions are very expensive and I can’t decide if I want straight or wavy hair (not to mention picking a color.) I’ve bought a few wigs to try different styles but I still can’t decide. Then while going back and forth between styles, well, the solution struck me like a thunderbolt, Penny. I CAN have both AND save money. With only double stick tape, non-skin-irritating adhesive, a can of spray mount, counter-weights, three wigs, a hot glue gun, popsicle sticks, a stapler, a knot tying course, nimble fingers, strong neck muscles, prayer and a three hours to kill, you TOO can have your own luxurious locks at a fraction of the cost of extensions!

I’ve included a picture of my handy work.

I hope you like it!




Dear Tickled-in-Tacoma,

Your solution to avoiding the high costs associated with hair weaves and extensions would have NEVER occurred to me.  Never, ever occurred to me. Never, not ever, never, not even once occurred to me, ever. Truly.



Thank you, People of Wal~Mart.


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