Just Don’t Do It

Honey, no.

It would seem as though what drove you to do this to yourself would cause you enough problems. You really want to hinder your eyesight as well?

Or is it that you’re* easily surprised and worry that your eyebrows shooting up over and over again will cause unsightly wrinkles…


Post-Boozey Evening: Fear of the Puffy Eyes

Lower lids of doom

May bars pin you and keep you still

Torture me no more

Sneaking Up Behind You: New Target

“BOO!!” His brows shoot up

Rip bars from tender eyelids.

Blood gushes. “My bad.”

Pearl Vision Quest

Huh. Eye bars. You just

got contacts last week. Didn’t

think this through, did you?

(Thank you, Ugliest Tattoos.)

*My Mom pointed out my grammar mistake (I had “your” rather than “you’re”.) I hang my head in shame…



About The Sassy Librarian

Librarian. Writer. Curmudgeon.
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2 Responses to Just Don’t Do It

  1. Isabel Anderson says:

    Line 1 under the picture: “your” should be “you’re” Shame on you!


  2. Isabel Anderson says:

    Forgot to say: love the haikus!

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