That’s Some Good Police Work There, Lou

From the Denver Post online…


Man found dead after five days in theater restroom in Fort Collins

POSTED: 01/17/2012 01:00:00 AM MST
UPDATED: 01/17/2012 05:42:02 AM MST

The Denver Post

FORT COLLINS — Colorado authorities say a man missing for five days was found dead in a locked restroom at a movie theater after suffering a heart attack.

George DeGrazio, 66, of Loveland was found Saturday in a family rest room at a theater in Fort Collins, according to Denver’s 7News.

Deputy Coroner James MacNaughton said DeGrazio was found when theater employees broke the lock on the restroom door to investigate an odor. The coroner’s office ruled the cause of death was a heart attack.

DeGrazio’s family reported him missing Jan. 9, and his vehicle was in the theater parking lot. Police had searched the area without success.


“Police had searched the area without success.” I love this type of reporting/writing. We know it was unsuccessful, otherwise he would have been found sooner.

What, exactly, was the designated search area after finding the man’s vehicle in the theater parking lot? A grid pattern search within 20 feet of car? “No. We do not see him in and or around the vehicle. It’s a mystery.”

The police MUST have looked in the theater. The man parked his car there. When cops do a general search of an area, do they check bathrooms? Knock on a door and try to open it? “Darn, it’s locked. Someone’s in there. Can’t be the person we’re looking for since the person we’re looking for is missing. Let’s move along.” Didn’t want to wait for the person in the rest room to come out so they may ask if s/he has seen the missing person? (And since when to police give a shit as to whether or not a door is locked?)

I am not a cop; so I don’t know anything about police procedure. But WTF is going on with the police department in this town??

FIVE DAYS?? No one in the theater noticed that some guy was in the bathroom for a VERY long time?

Was he in a stall in a restroom? If yes, then NO ONE noticed that the same pair of shoes had the same pair of pants draped around them for days?

OR did the rest room only consist of a toilet and sink? If yes, NO ONE needed to go in to clean it? Did the employee or owner just try to turn the handle and, upon realizing that it was locked, just say “Sorry.” to the presumed alive individual on the other side?

NO ONE noticed that that particular rest room was locked/occupied all day. All day for not one, not two, not three…but FIVE DAYS??

Hey guys, guess what? If you try to open a bathroom door repeatedly over, say, the course of an hour and it is still locked, try knocking. You may just want to check that someone is in there. Sometimes kids think it’s funny to lock a door when they leave, so no one else can get in. And sometimes, someone may be in extreme distress and unable to respond/get up to unlock the door. No audible response to loud sustained knocking? Get the key or break down the door.

I’m adding a new rule to my life–NEVER lock the door to a bathroom I have entered if I want to be found alive or within two hours of passing way. Sorry folks, too risky.

Also, if I ever commit a crime in Fort Collins, Colorado I’m going to hide in a locked theater rest room. The cops will knock but if I don’t answer or say “it’s busy” they will move along. “This can’t be the woman on the run…this woman is right here and NOT on the run.”  That’s some good police work there, Lou.


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