Relax, Take a Load Off. Or Drop One.

I love going to Regretsy, it has posts of things that people make and put up for sale. As the site’s author “Helen Killer” writes “I’m always on the lookout for the cream of the crap.” Fantastically horrific, absurd, jaw-droppingly gross, eye-rollingly pretentious “art” and just plain sad things are posted here with her funny/fun comments.

As I was trolling her site my eyes fell upon an item she posted.



Honestly, at first glance, I thought some “artist” had made a chair out of her/his own petrified crap. (I’m not alone in this thought, “Helen Killer” titled this post “A Pile of Sit.”)

1. This is heinous. It really looks like turds piled into a chair-esque shape.

2. The Ebay description written by the seller reads, “Organic Rustic Modern Teak Wood Root Arm Chair Cabin Mid Century Eames era 1970s.” Seriously? That description is akin to describing the tee-shirt I’m now wearing as “Organic Natural Fiber Cloth Silk Adjacent Hand Machine Made Fire Engine Red Armani Era 2010s” Exactly.

3. The item condition is listed as “Used.” Yes, well, most things that pass through your colon are.

Thanks, Regretsy.


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