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The Face as Objet d’Art -or- How a Series of Poor Decisions Leads to Prolonged Unemployment

Come on, kid. Really? Let’s do the math. 2 large ear gauges, 2 large cheek gauges, 3 nose spikes, 2 nose piercings, 2 pierced eyebrows, 1 reverse mohawk–bright red, and 1 hooded sweatshirt = from the front, you look like … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Today, and…AND…

Is there no hope for “tomorrow?” Oops. How about this time… Yes, do learn from yesterday. It would seem as though you have no choice. Your mistake is etched into your flesh. Hopefully it is where YOU can see it and … Continue reading

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Aww, Nuts!

The Fryeburg Fair is one the largest and oldest of Maine’s agricultural fairs. When my mom still lived nearby I would invite friends up to attend. We would go to look at all the farm animals, agricultural displays, midway games … Continue reading

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Wal~Mart Wednesday: I Actually Screamed.

My high school friend Caroline went to college on the West Coast in Portland, OR. She told me that when she got to Oregon she was astonished by size of the rats there. The rats were huge and everywhere. While walking … Continue reading

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