Wal~Mart Wednesday: I Actually Screamed.

My high school friend Caroline went to college on the West Coast in Portland, OR. She told me that when she got to Oregon she was astonished by size of the rats there. The rats were huge and everywhere. While walking around with a college friend, who was local to the area, Caroline commented on the enormity of the rats. “What are you talking about?” her friend asked. Caroline happened to see one of these rats out of the corner of her eye, pointed it out to her friend saying “Well just LOOK at it!” Caroline’s friend stopped, looked her in the face and said “Caroline. That’s an OPOSSUM!”

What made me think of this story?

I screamed when I saw this. I just was not prepared for this picture. I would rather he were holding a rat, a frickin’ WHARF RAT over that thing. Ratzilla wouldn’t freak me out as much.  A severed head would be less disturbing for that matter. There is just something so wrong about the opossum.

Thank you People of Wal~Mart. This will haunt my dreams.


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One Response to Wal~Mart Wednesday: I Actually Screamed.

  1. Jasmine says:

    But it’s…it’s…cute. In a totally scary, rabid, you-might-lose-your-nose-to-it way, I admit. But, still.

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