Aww, Nuts!

The Fryeburg Fair is one the largest and oldest of Maine’s agricultural fairs. When my mom still lived nearby I would invite friends up to attend. We would go to look at all the farm animals, agricultural displays, midway games and rides, watch clogging, square dancing, and walking freak-shows (I mean some of the people who attended the fair. Sadly, there were no true “Freak” shows there.) People display/sell pottery, plants, gourmet mustard, stained glass, woolens, jewelry, stuffed animals, all and sundry. Now, by “stuffed animals” I mean the fluffy googly-eyed creatures that children cuddle with before drifting off to dream land AND the critters that are trapped, shot or run over, stuffed with saw dust and given eyes that stare off into the great beyond.

One year, while walking through one of the exposition halls, I noticed that a taxidermy artist had stuffed a squirrel and mounted it in a batter’s stance with a tiny Yankees cap on its head and a tiny bat in its paws. I burst out laughing and was transfixed.  Who would stuff a squirrel? Why? I really wanted that thing but the price was just beyond what I was willing to pay for it.  Disappointed, I walked away saddened by the thought that I would never see its like again.

Last week, while surfing the web the following photo, well, it jumped out at me.

Again, I can’t stop staring at this thing. I love the cape and the bow tie is perfect, but the question that keeps coming to mind is “Why the cowboy hat?”

Thank you


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2 Responses to Aww, Nuts!

  1. Kris says:

    lol… I have one that does this to me every day before he steals my suet. No hat and cape, though…

  2. imaginarymen says:

    Awww the Fryeburg Fair! Turkey legs, men uncomfortable with PDA, and “loud wives lose lives” bumper stickers ;-))

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