The Rise of the Philosopher/Moron -or- No Way Jose

Social media has given rise to a great many things. One of these many things is the rise of the Philosopher/Moron. These people now have simpler ways of spreading their moronitude to the masses. Take for instance…

Jose Canseco–retired baseball player (with the Red Sox ’95-’96,) martial arts black belt, steroid user, reckless driver, wife beater, and Philosopher/Moron. Below are a series of tweets he posted on Twitter (a micro-blog, for those of you who don’t know) about the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking.

The best way to read these is to savor them. Read one at a time. After each one, take a walk around the room and let his words sink in.

Each tweet is dumber than the last, which is impressive in its own right.


Dear Mr. Canseco,

Please don’t EVER speak on behalf of those of us who know that climate change/global warming is real.

Never. Never not ever, never.

Thanks, in advance.

~Ms. Librarian


Thank you (I think I got this from DListed. I can’t remember. Sorry!)


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3 Responses to The Rise of the Philosopher/Moron -or- No Way Jose

  1. Chris says:

    Yes, and now he’s coming to play amateur ball in Worcester for the Tornadoes. Should be quite the draw!

  2. imaginarymen says:

    I like “Moron Philosopher” myself ;-0 You should make this a regular feature!

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