Me Fail English? That Unpossible!

The above is a quote from the television show “The Simpson’s.” It popped into my head for some reason but I’m not sure why…Oh, right:

Me No Speaka Da English

Sweet Pea, clearly failing English “didn’t killed” you but are you stronger for it? You’re sure? Or in your case should I write “Your sured?” And do you know who Friedrick Nietzsche was? Do you know why I’m asking you this?

I have a new rule. If I see that someone has a well-known quote etched into her/his skin, I’ll ask her/him who said or wrote it. If s/he is incorrect, I get to slap the person across the face while yelling “WRONG!” and then I’ll tell her/him who said it. I shall then ask the person to tell me the quote–the trick being, s/he can’t look at the tattoo while doing it. If s/he takes too long to come up with it, says it incorrectly, or is still stunned that I slapped her/him in the first place, I shall slap the person again while yelling “WRONG!” and then tell her/him the correct version of he quote.

I have argued in the past that dictionaries should be standard issue at tattoo parlors. Maybe I will add books of quotations as well.

These people make me tired, but, as Nietzsche wrote “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.”

Thank you


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Librarian. Writer. Curmudgeon.
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