Alcohol May Have Been Involved

You’re moving into to a new place/ or out of your old place, Yay!

You need help moving so you call your friends.

You are moving into/or out of a third floor walk up and have a large couch that can not be moved easily through the stairwell, bummer.

Sell couch? No! Someone has a better idea…

Steps taken to get to this point.

1. talk to friends about moving couch

2. realize couch is too big

3. someone suggests getting a ladder to get it up to/ or down from the third floor, all agree

4. procure ladder

5. set ladder up and realize it won’t reach the third floor balcony

6. set it up against second floor balcony

7. Have someone hold bottom of ladder and other person push up/ or guide down the couch

8. start up ladder with couch/ or skillfully guide couch over balcony to guy waiting on ladder, one floor down.

What the hell?

Many, many steps were taken to get the plan to this point. NOT ONE person thought better of it??

I particularly like the people on the second floor balconies, watching this example of moronitude–which is exactly what I would do. Cell phone in hand, “9” and “1” having already been dialed, I’d watch this unfold, index finger hovering over the last “1.” Waiting, breathless.

Thank you, Fail Nation.


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Librarian. Writer. Curmudgeon.
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One Response to Alcohol May Have Been Involved

  1. imaginarymen says:

    All I can hear is Ross Gellar: “Pivot! Pivot! PIVOT!!!!”

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