A Show of Hands, err Paws.

From Regretsy.com

“I promise you, you will not find a jar of skunk paws again any time soon.”

You PROMISE, promise?? May I pay you $40 to never see anything like this again? Please?

1. What hillbilly, redneck, backwoods recipe calls for skunk paw preserves?

2. What made this person think this was a good idea?

3. Why can’t I stop looking at this jar??

Hey Buddy, do you know why people won’t see anything like this again “any time soon?” Because there is no great demand for disembodied skunk paws, in a jar, in fluid. (I’m not sure I want to know that the fluid is.)

A list of other items we won’t see any time soon:

Jar of crazy college roommate’s toe and fingernail clippings–in water

Jar of dead, bisected earwigs (bisected lengthwise-much rarer)–in water

Jar of childhood dreams which were crushed, written on small pieces of crumpled paper–in gin (actually–I may use that as a “performance piece” the next time I do conceptual art/interpretive dance.)

A thousand paws wave goodbye, my chickens.

Peace Out.



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Librarian. Writer. Curmudgeon.
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