Twittiots and Philosopher/Moron: M*x *s * M*r*n

Twittiots. def. Twitter idiots.

I was torn between spelling that “twittiots” or “twiddiots” (two “d”s to soften the “i” so it is not pronounced “eye”) and am still torn. Feel free to vote for your favorite here…

Anyway. The “Philosopher” portion of the “Philosopher/Moron” contingent on Twitter has taken a little vacation around the Labor Day weekend, this year. Leaving the “Moron” group to take deep breaths–mouths open, of course.

On Twitter people will challenge others to little games or word manipulation shenanigans for fun. For example “name of first pet + childhood street name 2 get porn name. Write porn name.” Were I so inclined, I would tweet a reply of “Nimrod Sweden Hill.” A laugh riot, to be sure.

Someone decided to start “Tweet your name with no vowels.” Simple, right? The Sassy Librarian would become “ThSssLbrrn.” Crazy times. Anyway, the gauntlet had been thrown in front of the Twittiots. Some of the Twittiots said, in essence “What’s a gauntlet?”

I have a quick lesson for them in what a vowel is…

Dear Shaunna, Chelsea, Johnny, Danielle, Frankie, and Max. The following contains a few vowels at the beginning of the word. Lean in closely and pay attention.

*a hem*


Now I’m going to write a sentence where I have replaced each vowel with an asterisk. Perhaps you will be able to identify (find) the missing letters and get an idea of what vowels are.

D**r Sh**nna, Ch*ls**, J*hnn*, D*n**ll*, Fr*nk**, *nd M*x.

Y** *r* F*CK*NG M*R*NS!!!”

Thank you School of Fail Blog.


About The Sassy Librarian

Librarian. Writer. Curmudgeon.
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4 Responses to Twittiots and Philosopher/Moron: M*x *s * M*r*n

  1. Katrina says:

    Who let these kids leave second grade?!! But, then again, we do always need late night gas station employees…..

  2. Isabel Anderson says:

    OOps It is Y** *r* isn’t it. My bad. I hang my head.
    Still love me?’

  3. Karl Otterson says:

    An apostrophe is not a vowel is it?

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