The Horror: Miss Muffet’s Demise

Most people have played the game where someone gives you an odd scenario and you may ask only “yes” or “no” questions to figure out what happened.

Example: a dead man is found naked in the middle of the desert, with only a broken burnt matchstick in his hand and no footprints leading to or from the body. What happened?

You then ask yes or no questions to figure out that he had been in a hot air balloon that was going to crash-land. Both people in the balloon got rid of all the extra things in the balloon. Still plummeting. Got rid of all the clothing. Still plummeting. Find a used match at the bottom of the balloon basket and decided to break it in half and have one person hold the broken bits, one in each fist. The other person chose a hand; the guy with the burnt end had to jump.

Here is how my ending would have been presented.

Late afternoon. A woman, in work clothes, runs from a grocery store, screaming. Blind and raving with fear, she runs into traffic then is struck and killed by a car. Why?

I’ll cut to the chase on this and tell you she went grocery shopping after work. She saw that bananas were on sale and decided to get some. She picked up a bag and saw this…

Finding this would have killed me. If I hadn’t had a heart attack right then and there I would have run screaming into the street. Squish.

Thank you


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One Response to The Horror: Miss Muffet’s Demise

  1. ImaginaryMen says:

    Once again – EXACTLY why I prefer being phobic about frogs!!

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