Oh, Hipsters. You Really Are the LIMIT…

Hello again, Friends.

Saw this picture and several things popped into my head…

Where the HELL is the rest of that baby?? Does s/he just a head and upper shoulders?

Then I thought of the little hipsters having their little hipster children.

Two hipster Moms-to-be sipping decaf espresso at a used bookstore in Brooklyn…


Hipster 1. “Have you seen Clementine and Rodrigo’s new baby?”

Hipster 2. “Yes, little Appalachia is exquisite. Has all her perfect fingers and toes.”

Hipster 1: Sniffs “Yeah. Just like every other baby. ‘Normal” babies, those with all their limbs and body parts, are soooo…(sips espresso). I mean, EVERYONE has one of those children. It’s just so…pedestrian.”

Hipster 2. “Yes. But everyone wants their baby to be healthy…”

Hipster 1. “Oh, of course they do. The baby must be healthy…but he or she doesn’t have to look healthy.”

Hipster 2. “What are you saying?”

Hipster 1. “Well, I mean, surgically removing something from the baby would be barbaric, truly. But I was talking to my midwife/doula/herbalist about morning sickness and finding something a little stronger than a natural supplement to help me. She joked about finding me some thalidomide, and it got me thinking…


Thank you, Regretsy.com 


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