Twittiots: The Philosopher/Moron: The Donald

Oh Donald Trump,

Must you always thrash and squall to get any sort of media attention? Let us remember his “offer” to President Obama. In theory, Trump-y would have given $5 million dollars to the charity of Mr. Obama’s choice if Barak produced his college transcripts and passport application in order to prove…what? I’m not sure (Trump is a big “birther” flag waver.)

Anyway, Trump was a little upset that the election didn’t quite go the way he had hoped. Some of Mr. Trump’s tweets as the presidential poll numbers started to come in…

Yes, Donald. If you’re not winning, clearly it’s fraudulent. No, Donald, the world is laughing at YOU (and learn when to use apostrophes.)

Donnie, if something is “unprecedented” then is it without precedent. Not proceeded– meaning, it’s never happened before. So to write that something “…is…unprecedented…like never before” is redundant.

My final thoughts on The Donald? To quote Bugs Bunny (because why the hell shouldn’t I quote Bugs Bunny) “What an ultra-maroon. What an im-bess-il. What a nim-cow-poop.”

Thanks to Lost in E Minor for the baby/toupee image and The Huffington Post for Trump’s tweets.


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