Intimate Apparel


I have no problem with people trying to spice things up in the bedroom using whatever props they wish and I thought I had a Whatever-Makes-You-Happy-and-Is-Not-Illegal attitude towards other’s  sexual proclivities.

Then I ran across the following item on  Instructables.





The idea of someone working through…that meat is not tender…there must be a lot of intense chewing/tearing to get to…the average force of a human bite is about 175 pounds and…

Do you really want someone GNAWING at cured flesh you have wrapped around your tender bits?!?



“Is ‘Call 911’ the New Sweet Nothing?”

Om, nom, nom, nom, nom,

nom, nom, *belch*, Om, nom, nom, nom,

nom, nom, nom, nom, AAAAAIGH!!!

“Teriyaki of Original Flavor?”

Dried flesh pressed against

me. Nibble gently, my sweet

or be set aflame.


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One Response to Intimate Apparel

  1. Ross says:

    MMMM, Talk about snappin into a slim jim;)

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