Skål! Na zdrowie! Cheers!

Happy New Year to you all!

Looking over my yearly stats for this blog I was embarrassed to read that I had only posted four times in 2013. FOUR TIMES! So I would like to apologize to my baker’s half-dozen readers (my Mom included) for being so negligent. I shall endeavour to post more often. For those of you disappointed that I will be posting more often, why are you torturing yourself by reading this?

Something else I discovered in those stats is that one of my most popular posts, “Impactful” Is NOT a Real F%#@ing Word!!, is re-posted on a legit English professor’s college website/blog on language use and rules. HOORAY!! As a somewhat overly reactionary and impassioned response to that word. hooray. This may explain some random/angry comments I have gotten about that post over the last year…

Anyway, good news folks…

A New Study Suggests That People Who Don’t Drink Alcohol Are More Likely To Die Young

beer tasting brewery

Skål! (Pronounced “school” or “skawl”) Na zdrowie! Cheers!

Sadly, the headline did use the word “suggests” rather than “proves” but those of us who are booze hounds will take what we can get.

(Click here for the link to that article.)

With this in mind you can laugh in the face of those doomed teetotalers and raise a glass, or two, to long lives and much happiness in 2014 and remember Auld Lang Syne. May all of us have more days ahead of us than we have behind…


Thank you to Business Insider.


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